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There are many benefits to being a member of the Porsche Club of America. Receiving the monthly issue of “Porsche Panorama”, the magazine dedicated to our selected automotive marque and the activities of PCA, is alone worth the price of membership. In addition to being able to participate in the local activities offered by the Rio Grande Valley Region, there are other events to which you have access which are sponsored by the 145 regions that comprise the fourteen zones that make up the Porsche Club of America. 

On almost any given week throughout the year there are events taking place that will allow you to participate (social, educational or competitive). We have monthly socials usually published ,in our Monthly letter and we have just added a Cars & coffee get together , Competitive events are numerous, and there is something for everyone. 


About US


It all started as a WhatsApp group… and then PORSCHE CLUB RGV was born! After a few friendly gatherings and impromptu runs, our group of Friends and Porsche enthusiasts decided to formalize our incorporation starting August 2021. Our first formal meeting hosted by Romeo De Leon “3 Star Automotive”, we want to give a special thanks to Romeo for Hosting this meeting. We also want to thank all the group members that joined us that evening; part of the agenda was to establish a directors committee resulting in the following nominations, voting and confirmations:



We want to welcome all our starting members and friends for their interest and support in this PORSCHE Club RGV, welook forward in continuing sharing experiences celebrating the cars and people creating a true fellowship for those who participate.


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